Looking for cost-effective BBCOR bats? Consider these options!

Looking for cost-effective BBCOR bats? Consider these options!

The term BBCOR stands for Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution. BBCOR is a standard that governs adult baseball bats used in High School and College play. The standard measure the trampoline effect of the bat rather than measuring the ratio of the ball exit speed to pitch and bat speed. The key area where BBCOR bats differ from traditional wooden baseball bats is that, with wooden bats the ball loses much of its energy upon impact; BBCOR bats ensure that non-wood bats perform better. They are designed to level the playing field and improve player safety.

Requirements of BBCOR Bats

All BBCOR bats carry the “BBCOR Certified .50” mark on their barrel or taper. For a baseball bat to be BBCOR certified, it needs to fulfill certain requirements:

  • It should have a length to weight ratio that is no greater than -3
  • It should have a barrel diameter that does not exceed 2.625 inches
  • It should have a length of 36 inches or shorter

Now that you know a little more about BBCOR bats, let us proceed towards a more exciting question. Are you a High-school or college going baseball enthusiast? Have you been looking for an awesome BBCOR bat that is within your budget range to boost your game play?

If the answer to those questions is ‘Yes’, you’ve stumbled upon the exact right article.

2017’s best cost-effective BBCOR bats

Since high schools and colleges only allow BBCOR bats for baseball, they are some of the most expensive ones in the market. However, not all students might be able to afford such costly bats. Thus, knowing where to find the most affordable BBCOR bats before making a purchase is a wise bet.

We’ve compiled a list of the top rated and most affordable BBCORS bats of 2017. Make sure you consider these while making your purchase decision.

  1. Easton BB17MK Mako Beast Comp 3

The best features of this bat include:

  • TCT Composite barrel constructed in a two-piece design
  • Incredibly light-weight for rapid swinging
  • 2mm Hyperskin Grip on the handle
  • 625-inch barrel
  • Patented Two-Piece ConneXion Technology Composite Design

This bat allows you to channel maximum amount of your swing force enabling you to hit the incoming baseball harder and farther. Backed by some solid user reviews, this bat is available on Amazon starting at $259.98.


Key features of this one are:

  • 2-piece composite bat
  • 625-inch barrel diameter
  • RCI knob synthetic grip
  • D-Fusion 2.0 handle which precisely decreases vibrations
  • Extra long barrel
  • Low Pro End Cap
  • Lets the consumer give their bat a custom look using the company’s website

This bat improves the overall feel of each contact by directing energy to the barrel’s contact zone. This bat is available on Amazon starting at $222.99.

  1. 2017 COMBAT MAXUM: AB7MX103

The most remarkable features of this bat include:

  • Constructed in one-piece
  • Entirely made from composite material
  • Precision Molding Technology
  • Sizable barrel offering an exceptionally low swing weight
  • Weight drop of minus 3
  • 625-inch barrel

This bat is ideal for power hitters. This is a seamless bat with consistent strength, and balance. This bat is available on JustBats.com for a price starting at $259.99.


Salient features include:

  • 2-piece, composite bat
  • Variable Wall Thickness Technology that delivers six different thicknesses throughout the bat’s barrel
  • Expanded sweet spot zone
  • Great balance in the bat’s swing weight
  • Synthetic leather grip around an onyx handle
  • LINK technology at the connection between barrel and handle

This high-end, lightweight BBCOR bat prevents the batters hands from drifting during the swing and its onyx handle promotes a great feel upon contact. It is available on Amazon at prices starting at $149.96.

  1. Marucci Cat7, 31″/28 oz


The best features of this BBCOR bat are:


  • Constructed entirely with AZ4X alloy material
  • Responsive barrel that offers more trampoline effect upon contact with the incoming baseball
  • Anti-Vibration technology
  • Precision-balanced barrel design for control
  • Ring-free barrel technologyfor greater performance with no “dead” spots

In the right hands, this bat has the potential of doing an exceptional performance thanks to its significantly large sweet spot. This bat can be purchased from Amazon for a minimum price of $249.95.


  • Take a look at this bat’s supreme features:
  • TCT Thermo Composite Technology
  • Tremendously large contact zone with superior bat speed
  • 2-piece bat with a very low MOI ratio
  • 31/32 inch, tapered handle
  • Easton’s innovative ConneXion Technology, which helps focus energy into the barrel of the bat upon contact
  • HYPERSKIN grip on the handle for a steady, unwavering grasp during a high-speed swing

This bat is available in many versions that are all BBCOR certified. These bats are favored by hitters who prefer a more hybrid or end loaded stick. This one can be bought from Amazon at a starting price of $145.50.

  1. Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR Bat

Here’s a list of this bat’s prime features:

  • Acoustic alloy barrel which offers a lot of pop and performance
  • Precision-Optimized-Performance technology
  • Solid, responsive and lightweight barrel
  • 625-inch barrel and a weight drop of minus 3
  • Offers a good balance between composite and pure alloy bats

This balanced BBCOR bat is perfect for power-hitting in the hands of the right player. This bat is available on Amazon for a price range starting at $173.03.

Wrapping it up

While buying BBCOR bats online is a good way to go, it is always a good option to find a local bat shop that will let you test a few bats in the cage before you make any purchasing decision. For the price you will pay for such a bat, performing the necessary research and testing beforehand could save you from overspending or buying a bat that is not ideal for you.

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